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Front page fb likes confused?

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Navi Cynder
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PostSubject: Front page fb likes confused? Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:27 am

Some of you are confused why there is 2 different facebook like counts and how it could be possible, the most simple way I can put it, is that they are two totally separate links, one being older than the other.
the 30k+ count is how many likes " " has gotten over the years, the facebook page is a newer link which has a different like count which is why we have 2 separate numbers, sorry for those who are confused.

" Those likes are connected to another page. " - if you really believe this, here is a link to help you fact check a " LINK's Legit Facebook likes.

insert any link in the slot and it will show you how many real likes a page has, NOTE putting " Http " instead of " Https " will show 2 seperate results.

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Front page fb likes confused?
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