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My Soical Media

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Spyro ▀█▀ Dragon

Navi Cynder
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PostSubject: My Soical Media Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:58 am

Making this topic because of haters going out making fake social media accounts pretending to own this website and claim it out to be " official " , this list is all the social media accounts that I the owner have created, if you find a social media page that's not in this list, it is fake and not mine nor the websites!
My owned social media pages. - Including Alts

Other Websites // Not Redirects




(allied group - not mine but they help advertise)

----  My Game IGNs --- Including Alts ---

IGN: SpyroTheDragon
IGN: CynderTheDragon

IGN: SpyroDragon
IGN: Cynder
IGN: CynderDragon

Combat Arms
IGN: SpyroTheDragon

IGN: SpyroDragon

IGN: SpyroDragon

Return To Castle Wolfenstein  (in order of which I used to the best of my memory)
IGN: sLuxx.Own 
IGN: Dr.pepper{24}flaverd
IGN: Coold-blooded  - I was little kid didn't know how to spell cold lol
IGN: Q@rm!jo

IGN: =T2K=Spyro  - Owner was =T2K=Snoopy
IGN: 'mX Spyro █▀  -
IGN:'DcSpyro █▀
IGN: Spyro ▀█▀ Dragon

Wolfenstein ET
IGN: Spyro.DrAGoN

IGN: [JA]Spyro[JM]
IGN: }TwK{Spyro
IGN: [TMF]Spyro[TMF]
IGN: >eL}Spyro*
IGN: |EB|Spyro
IGN: *D.c*Spyro
IGN: |Tlo$|Spyro
IGN: >>Tlo$|Spyro***
IGN: >>Tlo$#Spyro
IGN: |SK|Spyro
IGN: |fun|SpyroDragon|
IGN: |fun|@SpyroDragon|
IGN: |999|Spyro
IGN: |-CM-|Spyro|-CM-|
IGN: .EA-T#Spyro
IGN: SpyroTheDragon
IGN: [ETc]Spyro
IGN: Spyro><Dragon
IGN: Spyro*Dc^
IGN: -Dc#Spyro*
IGN: Spyro ▀█▀ Dragon

Known Fake Accounts (that claim my website is activision official or pretend to be me)

Interesting finds
--------------------------------------------------------------- - this person tried copy'ing my T symbol, and obviously didn't know how to insert it with the NMS program.

If you feel like I have forgotten a social media page, please contact me here and I will update the information, and or if you found a fake account claiming this webpage is " official " please contact me and I will update the Known fake pages information.
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My Soical Media
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