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Apply to join tribe

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PostSubject: Apply to join tribe Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:15 pm

--- Copy and paste these questions into a new topic ---
1. As long as you are the Hatchling rank you will have to ask an admins permission to demolish anything including structures on your raft , this is to stop noobs we don't trust yet from demloshing everything


2. Everything you tame will be yours, however if the tribe reaches its dino limit, guardains will decide which dinos to kill, you can choose to leave the tribe and keep your tamed dinos at this point, but there is no returning back unless you agree to these questions again.


3. Crap happens in ark survival, and its important that we have good communication, texting in tribe chat is not fast enough when Ark bullcrap happens, are you willing to use a voice chat program called discord?


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Apply to join tribe
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