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To-Do list for Hatchlings

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PostSubject: To-Do list for Hatchlings Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:01 pm

- Build up ur raft
   - put Bed on boat
   - smithy on boat
   - forge on boat
  - cooking pot on boat
  - give your boat a flag
  - decorate your flag with paint
   - large storage boxes on boat

- Tame a ptradon
   - learn how to get dodo kibble
   - learn how to make narcs
   - learn how to make crossbow
   - learn how to get narc arrows
   - learn how to make boas
   - Tame a petradon

- Learn how to farm Narcoberrys and stimberrys
- Fill a designated fridge with narcos and stimberrys
- Learn how to farm veggies

------ After all, ask any guardians to promote you to juvenile ----

                               Spyro ▀█ █▀ Dragon
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To-Do list for Hatchlings
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