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Owner Intro

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Spyro ▀█▀ Dragon

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PostSubject: Owner Intro Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:45 pm

Hello I'm Q, Short for Quinten - I created this place in 2001 for our clan on Return To Castle Wolfenstein while having the username of Spyro, and re-themed it to dotd after a dragon was released in dotd that looked exactly like a dragon I had a dream of, anyway that's how the site became what it is today, if you have any questions about the dream I'm more than willing to give you any further information to the best of my knowledge.

Spyro's Forum Accounts
This is not the official activision spyro forum, all of these pages
are non-official, and are only the official pages associated with

------------ - recently removed by youtube
you can still find by searching " SpyroTheDragon " in the video search, should still be 1st channel, if not heres the new link


Personal Accounts (if they ever come back)

Raptr is actually proof that the xfire account SpyroDragon
was mine cause you can't connect accounts without logging
into the source.
------ IGNs ------------
  (In Game Names)

Crossfire: SpyroDragon
CombatArms: SpyroTheDragon
Osu!: SpyroDragon
Minecraft: SpyroTheDragon
StarCraft2: SpyroÐragon#1501
RTCW: Spyro ▀█▀ Dragon
WolfET: Spyro ▀█▀ Dragon

Contact Email

                               Spyro ▀█ █▀ Dragon
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Owner Intro
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