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About Page v.1

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Spyro ▀█▀ Dragon

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PostSubject: About Page v.1 Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:31 pm

Going to make some changes to the about page so I just figured id make a new topic in the spam section so yalls can see the changes.

heres the 1st version of the about page.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 " Prove All Things "

Dragon▀█▀Clan (Dragon The Clan) was started in RTCW (Return To Castle Wolfenstein) in 2001 as one of the very first few clans servers in the game, known as the sLuxx server (sLuxx - Spyro Loves u x-x ) which was started by Spyro▀█▀Dragon aka Quinten Armijo, The name Spyro▀█▀Dragon was just a random name chosen and had no relevance to the ps1 Spyros or the new tlos Spyros in any way, shape or form, The clan tag is from an old ASCII Character generator from a software program called NMS (Name Maker Studio) Originally made for RTCW and Quake, In fact, its so old that shortly after Wolfenstein ET was released in 2005, Almost everyone forgot how to insert ASCII Characters into their names..

I couldn't find any download links to NMS so I took the liberty in making it downloadable from my dropbox.

Download Name Maker Stuido Here

3 Eyewitnesses

If your ingame asking for yourself, they may remember 'mX|Spyro

Proof that I'm in mX

Screenshot was taken Dec 2013

in the server =F|A= Recruiting XPS

In 2005, the owner expanded the clan into other online games, and changed the websites theme into drawings and sketches of a cool looking dragon and had it advertised on a software program called , the theme of the sketched dragons was claimed to have been part of a dream , and the website was themed after it.

as you can see the reg date is

December 25, 2005


Here is one of the sketches of the dragon we had

rethemed to.

In 2008 every Dragon Member was shocked at the release of " The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon " due to a dragon released as " Cynder " within the game , had looked almost exactly like the owners drawings as you can see above years prior, Due to this event, we re-themed the clan site to Dawn of The Dragon.

Here are the dreams sketched out into comics.

Since these 2 have came true, I've decided to try and upload

every single dream I have for those who wish to study dreams, and you can find all dreams that I can remember in this playlist, iv also updated all the descriptions with more detail and an estimate timeline to the best of my knowledge.

Proof of facebook likes being real.

And not Connected to another page.

Proof of Dawn of The Dragon Release Date in 2008

The owner remade the forum

from scratch in 9/9/2013.

All Forum statistics was reset to 0

Proof The New Creation Date is 2013

Today Dragon Clan Still exist and is a Multi-gaming community, most active in FTP Games ( Free to play) Such as Combat Arms and Crossfire.

You can find all of the games we play here

in 2014 , has officially removed everyones videos and screenshots due to a decision made by the creators, and proof of the drawings of the dragon before DoTD Release was also removed.

Proof of xfire being shut down after 12 years of service.

                               Spyro ▀█ █▀ Dragon
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About Page v.1
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